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About Ampersand

Our Culture

Ampersanders unite on purpose, values, what matters, why they matter, and how best to be present and manifest their vision as individuals and as a collective.

Alignment is determined from the beginning, through our three-step Purpose FIT Talent Flow, where the process unearths a talent’s strengths, ambitions, challenges and potential through purpose reflection, expertise test and presentation to be finished with a chat with the studio’s leads and coaches.

Learn & Grow is the studio’s system of performance and culture of mastery and maturity grounded on practice and feedback to meet talent and studio goals and purpose. Better By Design encapsulates the studio’s purpose, belief, culture, practice and performance.

Our Process

Design is both a process and a solution.

Process shapes the visual and narratives that are told and shared.

Based on the collective intelligence of an experienced multidisciplinary team of clients and talents, at times working with communities and other relevant stakeholders, the results of the work become purpose-clear, enabling, operable and sustainable.

We aim for clarity, consistency and confidence in:

message and evidence-based stories matching the storyteller’s purpose, values and behaviors

visual attributes, elements and characteristics that the message and actions may be easily and powerfully experienced

auditory and other sensory approaches and channels that reach tribes most simply




Initiate & Agree

Needs & Gap Assessment

Objectives & Scope


Project Agreement

Ideate & Create

Research + Insight
Business Strategy
Brand Definition & Strategy

Concept + Moodboard
Design Studies
Final Artwork

Story Development
Editorial Studies
Final Manuscript

Deliver & Finish

  • Print

  • UI/UX, Web + Mobile

  • Campaigns + Social Media

  • Product

  • Permaculture

  • Sustainable + Purposeful work with communities

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