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Sustainability Trends

and how they affect communications

Transitioning to Green Technology

In the global drive to lessen emissions, more and more companies are using cleaner sources of energy. More jobs in Green Technology open unlimited opportunities for communication roles related to it.

Shifting to a Circular Economy

As companies start adopting circular strategies, there is a high demand to effectively communicate this fairly new concept in order to mainstream it in policy and in practice.

Work-from-Home Norm

Remote work is now a deciding factor for job choice. Brought about by necessity due to the pandemic, work-from-home arrangements have gained popularity to ease traffic, emissions, and operational costs. Organizations have also realized how much impact optimization of digital or online communication methods have on their bottom line.

ESG Investments

With everyone bandwagoning into Sustainability, ESG has become a top search topic. As forward-thinkers invest in businesses' future potential based on sustainable performance rather than just profits, demand for ESG-related skills will dramatically increase.


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