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Good Design Criteria following the WBCSD’s Reporting Matters

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

WBCSD 2019 Report: Reporting Matters – The Evaluation Framework, Experience category
The Evaluation Framework from WBCSD's 2021 Reporting Matters

Score High on Good Design on your Sustainability Reports

ACCESSIBILITY: 1st of a four-part series

It’s All About the Reader’s Experience

Who reads your report? This category looks at how the report is used to help meet the needs of specialist and generalist audiences.

  1. Accessibility

  2. Story & messaging

  3. Navigation & flow

  4. Compelling design

Accessibility relates to the availability of sustainability information, its suitability for different audiences and how easily the content can be found. Increasingly, sustainability content is made available across several communication channels, such as online and via integrated reporting.



Nickel Asia Corporation’s 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report

Ease of access

Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC)’s 2020 Annual and Sustainability Report prioritizes its ease of accessibility on the main site’s list of Financial Reports.

Based on this objective, our editorial design for the interactive PDF format of the report shapes the reader experience towards general audiences who need access from its Table of Contents and Navigation Menu to the needed information in one click.


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